The Plan


The road to success in the game of basketball is long, winding and full of unfamiliar terrain. Good thing we've already traveled it. Over the past 20 years, our basketball knowledge and expertise has been obtained the old-fashioned way: by doing the work.  It’s through countless hours of practice and game preparation that we’ve developed our approach to basketball skills training.

Our training sessions are designed to help you reach your full potential as a player. We accomplish this by focusing on four areas. Each training session is formatted to improve a player's skill level, basketball IQ, physical conditioning and perhaps most importantly, attitude. By creating an atmosphere that promotes a strong work ethic and a positive mental perspective, we're committed to empowering our clients on and off the court. 

Every drill that we incorporate into our workout is easily transferable to actual gameplay. Since sessions are timed and detailed, we don't waste time instructing a player to perfect drills that they will never use during a game. Training with us helps you be your best, when it matters most.


The Process




We begin by assessing each client's strengths and weaknesses.

Skills Training


Next, we implement a customized skills regimen based on the results of the assessment. 



After each session, clients will be given specific tasks and drills to work on in between sessions in order to increase skills proficiency. 



Success is simply the result of a good plan + a knowledgeable skills trainer + a dedicated athlete! 

Training Packages


Individual Skills Training

75 minutes      $85/session

Our individual training sessions give players the opportunity to work with Mo, one-on-one. During these challenging workouts, players improve through a series of exercises that focus on skill development, technique, and the mastery of fundamental basketball principles. These sessions are ideal for players who are beginners or who are looking to enhance particular facets of their game. From time to time, an additional player may be brought in to simulate gameplay in order to help reevaluate progress and improve basketball IQ.  


Group/Teams Skills Training

75 minutes      $65 player/session      (Group of 2-4)

Our group sessions allow participants to workout in a team environment. As in our individual sessions, players participating in a group training session enhance their skill level through a series of exercises that focus on technique and mastery of basketball fundamentals. Since there are more players in a group/team session, participants also get an opportunity to apply their basketball prowess in a fun, competitive environment that emulates actual gameplay. These sessions can also be customized to the group/team's preferred plays and strategies.

For team rates contact us.


Skills Training for Professional & Aspiring Pro Athletes

We also offer customized skills training for professional and aspiring pro (18 and up) athletes. During this process, we implement an assessment and develop a program that suits the athlete's specific needs. We offer an exclusive package that includes basketball skills, strength and agility training. All sessions are one-on-one. Pricing and session time is based on your needs. 


Most Commonly Asked Questions


How do I book a session?

Select the appropriate button above to book a session and select a payment package. Fill out and submit the necessary forms.  All payments are due before your scheduled session.  

Do you take checks?  

No. As of April 6, 2016, we no longer accept checks. All payments must be made in cash or by credit or debit card via our website. We use the Stripe platform which is safe and secure method to make payments. We can take these payments in-person before your session begins. (Please arrive about 10 minutes early if you need to pay in person.) All payments, whether in-person or online must be made before the session begins.

Do you give refunds? 

No. Based on the nature of our work and the fact that it involves our time and talent, we do not offer refunds. However, if you need to cancel or reschedule we are flexible.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?

To reschedule a session, give at least a 24-hr notice via email or text to ensure session availability and to prevent forfeiture of your payment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: Clients are asked to call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled training session to reschedule. You will be charged for appointments cancelled with fewer than 24 hours notice. Failure to contact us will also result in forfeiture of session slot.

Do you offer camps or special events?

No. Currently, our focus is on improving the skills of our exclusive clientele. 

Do you work with everyone?

At One Finley Way Sports Consulting, we are client-focused.  We want all our clients to receive optimal benefits from working with us. Therefore, we are highly selective in only working with clients that we can really assist in getting better. After the initial assessment session, if we deem it necessary, we reserve the right to refer any client to a trainer or coach who will better suit your needs and talents.