The Playmaker

One Finley Way Sports Consulting™ assists athletes and organizations in reaching their maximum potential.  We offer services in the areas of basketball skills training, motivational speaking, and sports consulting. We utilize our 15+ years of expertise and our proven method of success to aid our clients in getting better.

Assessment + Planning + Implementation + Encouragement = A Better You


Our way is pure and simple. It's based on our beliefs that we stand on and invoke into everything we do. We believe that a solid foundation will balance out your future. We also believe that a good plan will keep you one step ahead. We believe that hard work, dedication, and discipline are key components to success. Lastly, but surely not least, we believe that encouragement is the best form of motivation. We understand that you, the client, are our business. Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and optimal results.  Throughout the entire process, we listen, strategize, support and cheer you to victory.


Simply Put: We assist you in getting better!